Staking PF token on PFD
Earn daily income and use staked assets

Easy start

Security and transparency

Use PF in staking

Flexible position closing options


Reference APR

1 PF ≈ 0,15 USDT

Conversion ratio

1,193,083.06 PF

Total in staking

Explore The Full Potential of Your PF

Check Out The Use Cases

Join the ecosystem and earn daily profit

Place assets in staking on PlayFunds for a sum from 500 PF

Start earning in 3 simple steps


Place PF

Make PF staking


Receive rewards every day

Earn income by holding PF


Flexible redemption conditions PF

Exchange PF for USDT.

What is PF?

PF represents your staked digital assets and received staking rewards in a form suitable for trading and transfer. PF accumulates staking reward with the growth of value.